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How To Tackle A Cockroach Infestation In Your Oceanside Home

german cockroach on bread

How To Tackle A Cockroach Infestation In Your Oceanside Home

Cockroaches are somewhat primitive insects that exist in thousands of various species. Some of their common characteristics include an oval-shaped body style with six legs and long antennae. Cockroaches are resilient creatures that will eat plants, other insects, sweets, paper materials, and more. The exoskeleton of a cockroach is durable, and many adult cockroaches have wings.

Are you wondering what to do about cockroaches that are living in your home? An Oceanside pest control company employs a staff of trained technicians that know how to get rid of cockroach infestations and how to keep cockroaches out of your house.

The Types Of Cockroaches That Invade Oceanside Homes

American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) are among the largest types of cockroaches found indoors that may exceed two inches in length.

The American cockroach has a dark-red or mahogany appearance with yellow markings. These pests have wings but are usually below-average fliers that primarily "glide." Many people who encounter American cockroaches notice that these pests are surprisingly fast on their feet.

German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are a small species ranging in size from ½ to 5/8 of an inch long. They have tan-colored bodies with two distinctive dark stripes extending from the back of their heads. Despite having wings, German cockroaches are very poor fliers.

German cockroaches are a species that thrive indoors. These pests are commonly attracted to warm and humid areas that allow easy access to sources of food. They are well-known for invading restaurants, nursing homes, educational facilities, and other places where food is produced, stored, or consumed.

Cockroaches In Your Home Are A Major Health Concern

Do cockroaches spread diseases? Operating as scavengers that routinely travel through trash and other unsanitary areas, cockroaches carry harmful bacteria. The EPA states that cockroaches will contaminate the food, which might result in salmonella or staphylococcus. If large indoor infestations develop, the accumulations of shed skin, feces, and saliva might trigger allergic reactions.

Do cockroaches bite humans? Cockroaches are typically rather fearful of humans. Although possible, it is very unlikely that a cockroach would bite a human; however, their spiny legs could cause skin abrasion.

The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control

Despite having the best of intentions, many Oceanside area residents underestimate the difficulty in eliminating moderate to advanced cockroach infestations and try handling these problems themselves. 

Armed with one-size-fits-all, store-bought products such as sprays, baiting systems, or traps, homeowners are probably ill-equipped to eliminate a cockroach infestation. These do-it-yourself home treatment options for cockroaches deliver only short-term results and might contain harsh chemicals. Several weeks or months down the line, these individuals find that the home still contains cockroaches that are rapidly reproducing and face a disheartening reality. 

Make the smart move when cockroach problems develop by seeking professional treatment from a licensed pest management company.

The Secret To The Most Effective Cockroach Control In Oceanside

Are you in need of American or German cockroach control services? Look no further than the home pest control service professionals at Bull's Eye Pest Control for safely performed treatment options for these creatures that contaminate food, generate allergens, and produce foul odors.

Our team has a range of cockroach control products at their disposal. Often our treatment plan includes a multi-faceted approach that involves baiting, dusting, and spraying, with a follow-up occurring in one to two weeks.

Residential customers in Oceanside should know that Bull's Eye Pest Control offers customized ongoing pest control plans that include bi-monthly or quarterly professional treatment visits. Our experienced service technicians use a "big picture" approach and will identify pest activity or possible vulnerabilities to intrusion in areas around the foundation, exterior doors and windows, eaves, and more.

Contact our office today to speak with one of our friendly professionals for assistance.

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