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Signs You Should Invest In Professional Silverfish Control In Murrieta

silverfish near a book

Signs You Should Invest In Professional Silverfish Control In Murrieta

Do you know what a silverfish looks like? This creature isn't a fish you'd see in a pond or river. It's a type of pest common in the Murrieta area. Maybe you've heard of these pests, and perhaps you haven't, but there's a good chance you'll find them in your house. However, you can effectively prevent and remove silverfish infestations through Murrieta pest control services.

Read on to learn how Bull's Eye Pest Control can help you detect, deter, and eradicate obnoxious silverfish from your Murrieta property. Plus, get some information on what silverfish look like and the problems they cause.

What Is This Little Silver Bug?

Silverfish have a strange name, but the name makes more sense when you realize the attributes of these pests. Silverfish are usually gray or silver in color, and they have a body shape and movements similar to actual fish. Their heads are wider while the rest of the body tapers off toward the end. The other way to identify silverfish from other pests is through their long antenna and the three feelers that extend from the end of their bodies.

How Dangerous Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are odd-looking, even for insects. They might remind you of a fish, a prehistoric animal, or an alien with an exoskeleton. Those long feelers look creepy and like they could sting you, but silverfish are mostly a nuisance pest. They aren't known to transmit diseases, and they don't sting or bite people.

While silverfish aren't going to make you sick, they can damage items around your house. Silverfish eat a wide range of foods, including adhesives, paper, books, wallpaper, grains, cereals, and more. They will invade pantries, closets, and drawers and damage your personal belongings.

While the damage might not be as invasive as a termite problem, it can still add up and cause frustration. While silverfish don't spread any specific illnesses, you should still discard any food they invade.

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Silverfish

The easiest way to avoid silverfish damage is to take some steps now to prevent these pests. We suggest implementing these silverfish control measures:

  • Clean up excess clutter inside your home, focusing on places like basements, closets, and garages.
  • Fix any plumbing problem to reduce moisture concerns. Then, use a dehumidifier in humid rooms.
  • Store papers and books in dry, organized areas to deter silverfish from causing damage.
  • Seal up holes in the walls and foundation. You can use products like caulk or foam insulation to patch up tiny cracks and crevices.
  • Place pantry items in sealed containers so that silverfish can't get into them.

These steps will reduce the odds of a silverfish problem, but they aren't going to work if you already have them inside your home. In this case, the simplest way to remove silverfish is with assistance from Murrieta pest control professionals.

Professional Silverfish Control For Your Home

Bull's Eye Pest Control offers home pest control plans that address silverfish and many other pest problems. While silverfish might not be the worst pest around, they are still a gross and destructive pest in your home. We can remove existing infestations and apply treatment to prevent others in the future.

Contact our team today to learn more about silverfish removal and prevention options or request a service treatment.

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