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Let's Talk About The Scorpions That Live In Murrieta

a scorpion crawling on wood

Let's Talk About The Scorpions That Live In Murrieta

Seeing scorpions in person will instantly turn you into an Olympic sprinter. Out of all arachnids, they rank high on the list of the most terrifying.

Fortunately, Bull's Eye Pest Control provides the most advanced pest control in Murrieta to rid your property of scorpions, subtracting one less stressor you have to worry about daily. Our well-trained team possesses the knowledge and tools of the trade to get you back to the pest-free living you deserve. Please continue reading to learn all about scorpions and why professional pest services are the best way to eliminate scorpions at your Murrieta home.

Types Of Scorpions You Can Encounter In Murrieta

If you've lived in Murrieta long, you've probably encountered a scorpion at some point in time. However, out of the 2,000 different types of scorpions globally, 70 of those reside in the United States. The four most common kinds of scorpions you'll likely come across in our area are the stripe-tailed scorpion, the Arizona hairy scorpion, the California common scorpion, and the bark scorpion. Although these scorpions prefer the dry, desert heat, you can also find them in the mountains and along the coast. But whatever the species, get in touch with your local pest control for further assistance if you see them around your property.

Ways You Could Be Attracting Scorpions In Murrieta

It's a safe bet that no homeowner willingly wants to attract scorpions to their property, but you may still be rolling out the welcome mat for them without even realizing it. The rule of thumb to keep scorpions at bay is to get rid of the accommodations necessary for survival. Start by draining any standing or stagnant water around your property. Get out the caulk and seal up any crevices, holes, gaps, or cracks you see, especially around doors and windows. Clean up yard clutter like brush, debris, and leaf piles. Keep logs and lumber stacked 20 feet away from your home's exterior, and eliminate insects that scorpions love to feast on, like crickets. If you've seen scorpions scurrying around your property, don't hesitate to contact professional scorpion control in Murrieta.

Six Facts About Scorpions You Probably Didn't Know

As frightening as scorpions in Murrieta appear, you'd be surprised that these creatures don't pose as big of a threat as many believe. There's a list of interesting facts about scorpions that you probably never knew. Here are six of them:

  1. They glow in the dark.
  2. They can live between two to ten years.
  3. They can survive up to one year without a meal.
  4. They do not lay eggs, but birth live young.
  5. They have control over the amount of venom they release with every sting.
  6. They perform a traditional dance before mating.

Scorpions aren't picky eaters and will grub on almost anything they can find. They can also survive the harshest and most dangerous conditions, such as surviving after being submerged underwater for up to 48 hours or living in the driest environments, only subsisting on the moisture from food.

Total Scorpion Control For Murrieta Residents

When you first spot a scorpion racing around your property, the first thing on your mind is to get rid of it quickly. For your peace of mind and safety, it's always best to enlist the services of experienced pest elimination specialists to eradicate scorpions. They're well trained with the background and resources to achieve the desired outcome, which is a scorpion-free environment.

Since 2002, Bull's Eye Pest Control has been providing our residents with the most advanced pest management solutions to get rid of scorpions and other nuisance pests. We take our time during the inspection process and develop a detailed treatment plan to transform your living spaces back to the peaceful atmosphere for which it was intended. Reach out to us today to request a free pest inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Murrieta.

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