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Never Skimp On Termite Control In Oceanside... Here's Why

termite on wood

Never Skimp On Termite Control In Oceanside... Here's Why

Many people dream of living in a place like Oceanside. We enjoy breezes from the Pacific Ocean, relaxing walks along the Oceanside Harbor, boating, fishing, and much more. Sadly, there is a pest that can damage our little piece of paradise. These creatures are slow, silent destroyers that cause tremendous financial damage to Oceanside homeowners. These tiny wood-eating insects are termites

Every year termites cost homeowners billions in damage — including Oceanside residents. The best way to protect your hard-earned investment is to secure the Oceanside pest control team from Bull's Eye Pest Control. We are an independent, local-owned company helping Californian eliminate pests in their houses and properties since 2002.

What Are The Types Of Termites In Oceanside?

Three termite species are prevalent in our state: drywood, subterranean, and Formosan termites. Drywood termites are more common in California than in most other parts of the United States. These termites attack wood in attics, furniture, picture frames, etc. Evidence of drywood termites on your property includes swarms of termites, droppings resembling small pellets, and discarded wings on window sills.

Subterranean termites need moisture from the soil to survive; therefore, they concentrate on moist wood in contact with dirt. This group of termites attack floor joists, beams, and subflooring. Evidence of subterranean termites include swarms of flying termites in the spring, sawdust-like droppings, and mud tubes on foundation walls. 

The habits and invasion patterns of Formosan termites are similar to Subterranean termites. Proof for these super termites is the same as subterranean termites. 

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home?

The rate of destruction depends on the number of termites infesting the house. A mature drywood colony has about 2,500 termites, and a new nest may only have about 50 workers after two years, so it takes several years for a drywood termite nest to reach maturity. Constructing a mature subterranean termite nest of 60,000 termites takes about 5 to 10 years. A Formosan termite queen can produce 1,000 eggs daily as she creates a mature nest of 350,000 members. Obviously, the larger the termite nest, the quicker they will destroy a home. 

The time it takes for termites to do significant damage also depends on the type of termite. Compared to drywood and subterranean termites, Formosan termites are more vicious and aggressive. Unlike drywood and subterranean termites, Formosan termites do not limit their nest locations to only above or below ground. While they initially build nests below ground, they will build colonies above ground level if there is a moisture supply (leaky pipes, etc.). 

Avoiding termite damage requires trained experts from an experienced pest control company like Bull's Eye Pest Control. Keeping your home safe requires the elimination of termite nests and queens, and the team from Bull's Eye Pest control has a proven track record of success. 

Why Termite Control Is Necessary

Annually, termites cause over $5 billion in damage to structures in America. Sadly, most homeowner policies do not cover termite damage, putting financial responsibility on the homeowner. 

Active termites will eat almost anything containing cellulose like:

  • Floor joists
  • Support beams
  • Subflooring
  • Roof joists, rafters, and trusses
  • Window sills
  • Wood fencing
  • Wood furniture
  • Wood in the walls

Signs of termites in the home include the following: blistering paint, hollow-sounding wood, crunching sounds, warping doors, and sagging floors at the corners of rooms. 

Professional Termite Control Formulated For Oceanside Homes

Failure to address a termite infestation will result in future costly repairs and possibly the loss of your home. One of the best decisions an Oceanside homeowner can make is to secure the best termite control company near you: Bull’s Eye Pest Control. 

We offer assessments tailored to your areas of concern. When the inspection is complete, we present you with a termite eradication strategy for your Oceanside home. Contact us today.

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