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How To Identify And Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Murrieta Home

cockroaches crawling on a floor of a home

How To Identify And Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Murrieta Home

If you’re looking for a great city close to wine country and not far from San Diego beaches, then Murrieta is your destination. This caring community is full of parks for family picnics and keeping in shape, including miles of trails just waiting for hikers. Word is getting out that Murrieta is a great place to call home. One pesky insect that enjoys a thriving community is the cockroach, and without pest control in Murrieta, their populations will expand unabated.

How To Identify A Cockroach

Cockroaches have a unique appearance that makes them easier to identify than other bugs. When trying to confirm whether or not cockroaches have invaded your Murrieta home, a few identifying markers can be helpful to confirm your suspicions.

Five characteristics of cockroaches include the following:

  1. Reddish-brown, light brown, tan, or black colorations
  2. Broad oval bodies appear flat, measuring from 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long (depending on the species)
  3. Long antennae (about as long as their body)
  4. Six long legs with spines that allow them to scatter quickly
  5. They prefer to move around at night (nocturnal)

Since there are different types of cockroaches in the Murrieta area, it is often wise to help identify the correct species. The pest professionals at Bull’s Eye Pest Control are experts at cockroach identification and can quickly get to work removing them from your home.

Why It’s Dangerous To Have Roaches In The House

Quickly removing cockroaches from your home is vital, especially in light of the dangers they bring to those in your home. Cockroaches love to wallow in the filth and bacteria of this world; they carry bacteria on their bodies and spiny legs. Cockroaches transmit six parasitic worms, over 33 different bacteria, and at least seven additional human pathogens. Some diseases associated with cockroaches include salmonellosis, E. coli infection, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. A cockroach’s body parts, saliva, shed skins, and waste carry allergens that can be a severe problem for asthmatics (especially children). Cockroaches are more than just creepy and repulsive; they’re health hazards. To ensure the safety of those dwelling inside your home, it is always best to contact the pest professionals at Bull’s Eye Pest Control for immediate cockroach removal.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Cockroaches

As with all animals, cockroaches need food, water, and shelter. Local homes often become an easy target when cockroaches experience a shortage of the things they need to survive. With some vigilance, homeowners can remove factors that attract cockroaches to their homes.

Seven ways to keep cockroaches away from homes include the following suggestions:

  1. Fix any plumbing problems (leaks in roofs, pipes, toilets, etc.).
  2. Seal all gaps, cracks, and crevices (especially around wires and plumbing that come into your home).
  3. Keep food preparation and eating areas clean (don’t leave crumbs).
  4. Take the trash out frequently and place it in tightly sealed bins.
  5. Don’t leave dirty dishes in dishwashers or the sink overnight.
  6. Use dehumidifiers in damp areas to keep moisture down.
  7. Remove clutter (newspapers, boxes, cardboard).

While homeowners can do a lot to stop cockroaches from finding their home inviting, even the best prevention techniques sometimes fail. Effective prevention comes down to using a pest professional like Bull’s Eye Pest Control to ensure cockroaches stay away from your home.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

Bull’s Eye Pest Control is a locally owned and independently operated company with nearly 20 years of experience in the pest world; using our services is the best way to ensure cockroach pest control in Murrieta. Our service technicians are experienced and well trained; they will take the time to listen to your concerns and formulate a plan that makes pest problems a long-forgotten memory. By scheduling a free general pest control inspection today, homeowners can be well on their way to a pest-free home. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Murrieta.

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