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Effective Gopher Control Methods: How To Keep Gophers Away From Your Murrieta Yard

Gophers may be cute, but the destruction they cause is anything but.

Effective Gopher Control Methods: How To Keep Gophers Away From Your Murrieta Yard

Keeping gophers away from your Murrieta yard is essential if you want to stop this pest from burrowing around your property. Professional gopher control in Murrieta helps you keep gophers away. With Bull’s Eye Pest Control, we’ve got the expert touch you need to keep your yard in tip-top shape. 

Signs Of Gopher Activity: How To Spot Gopher Mounds And Tunnels

Catching gopher activity might be difficult at first, as these pests often set up their homes underground where humans can’t easily see them. One of the biggest indicators of gopher activity is the presence of mounds and tunnels on your property. Mounds are the most distinctive, and they will appear like crescent-shaped piles of dirt; they are formed as gophers excavate the ground to create their tunnels. Typically, you will see clusters of mounds together, and mounds spread out throughout your yard indicate the presence of tunnels.

Additionally, displaced plants, plants that appear damaged, and holes around your property that are surrounded with fresh dirt are all signs of serious gopher activity on your property. Once you see these signs, professional gopher control is essential.

Underground Hazards: The Risks Of Gopher Tunnels And Burrows

Gopher tunnels and burrows might be out of sight most of the time, but these areas do bring some serious hazards with them that any Murrieta yardowner should pay attention to. Mounds of dirt around your property lead to tripping and fall hazards, as do holes throughout outdoor areas. Tunnels tend to make the surface-level soil weak, and this can contribute to fall risks.

Gopher tunnels and burrows are also notorious for destroying grass and other plant life around your property. Gophers will ruin these things with their digging activities, or they will simply feed on their favorite plants and destroy any landscaping you have established. Investing in gopher pest control for your property helps to reduce these underground hazards.

Gopher-Proofing Your Yard: Effective Strategies For Gopher Prevention

When it comes to keeping gophers out, it’s important to utilize proactive gopher control methods such as prevention tactics. The following strategies will help ensure that gophers don’t stray onto your property and start causing problems:

  • Exclusion fences are one of the best prevention strategies for gopher prevention. Install these special fences around your property’s perimeter to keep gophers and other wildlife from tunneling into your yard space.
  • Elevate vegetable gardens and use mesh fencing when possible to keep gophers from snacking on the plants you grow on your property.
  • Utilize plants with naturally gopher-repelling odors, such as lavender, sage, rosemary, and eucalyptus, to keep these pests away from your property and away from edible vegetation.
  • Clear outdoor areas of overgrown foliage and weeds in addition to removing organic matter like fallen fruit, as these items attract gophers looking for food and shelter.
  • Fill in any abandoned animal dens around your property to stop gophers from moving into them in the future.

Contact Bull's Eye Pest Control today for more information about effective gopher prevention tactics.

Professional Gopher Control: Expert Help For Gopher Infestations

Instead of investing in hit-or-miss DIY gopher control devices or other store-bought solutions, contact the experts at Bull's Eye Pest Control for gopher control services you can count on. Our team at Bull's Eye Pest Control is highly knowledgeable when it comes to defeating gopher infestations, and we’ll help you identify the root source of your problem before providing you with solutions that defeat this pest.

With our professional tactics, you won’t need to worry about gophers invading your property and damaging your outdoor spaces. Simply give Bull's Eye Pest Control a call today and benefit from reliable and effective gopher control in Murrieta.

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