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Are Black Widow Spiders In Murrieta Dangerous?

black widow in a web

Are Black Widow Spiders In Murrieta Dangerous?

Murrieta, California, began its humble roots with sheep farming, got popular when the railroad laid tracks over its land, and returned to its quiet existence after the railroad shut down. Fifty years later, people once again discovered the area's beauty and decided to call it home. In 1991, it officially became a city, and people have been flocking to the area ever since. One pest in the area that's been in Murrieta from the very beginning is the black widow. Without pest control in Murrieta, these long-term residents might start making serious trouble within area homes.

Guide To Identifying Black Widow Spiders

Out of the 3,000 different types of spiders in the United States, Murrieta has a famous one. The black widow is a well-known name in the spider world. Its distinctive marks set it apart from others.

Characteristics that help homeowners identify black widows include the following:

  • They are round and shiny jet black (females can sometimes appear brownish/black).
  • On the underside of their abdomen, black widows have two noticeable triangular red marks that meet in the middle to form an hourglass shape.
  • They are large, compared to other spiders, measuring 1 1/2 to 1 3/8 inches long.
  • As with other spiders, they have eight legs.
  • They have eight simple eyes arranged in two rows of four.

Knowing how to identify spiders when webs start popping up all over your home is essential, but let's face it, most homeowners would rather not grab a magnifying glass to get up close and personal with spiders. If you are concerned about an increase in webs around your home, call in the pest professionals at Bull's Eye Pest Control. We are experts at identifying different kinds of spiders in the Murrieta area.

Problems Black Widow Spiders Cause

When you have a spider in your home whose bite packs a powerful punch, getting it out of your home is vital. Black widow spiders in Murrieta typically construct their messy, irregular webs at night. Webs are generally formed in dimly lit areas at ground level. If people disturb black widow webs, mainly when females have laid their eggs, they are in danger of being aggressively attacked. While black widow bites are rarely life-threatening, they can cause some tremendously unpleasant symptoms. People who receive a bite from a black widow may feel pain immediately. Pain can last up to three days before it begins to lessen, and people may experience symptoms like high blood pressure, nausea, fever, and sweats.

There is nothing fun about having a run-in with a black widow. With help from Bull's Eye Pest Control, we can help identify black widow dangers and eliminate them.

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Black Widow Spiders

Homeowners can do much to help avoid encounters with black widows. With some simple, everyday adjustments, homeowners can reduce the likelihood of running into these troublesome arachnids.

Three everyday things homeowners can do to avoid black widows include:

  1. Eliminate their hiding areas by keeping garages, basements, and attics decluttered.
  2. Remove webs, spiders, and their egg cases by vacuuming frequently.
  3. Use heavy gloves when relocating stored items; shake out clothing/shoes before wearing them (especially when stored for long periods).

Busy lives can hinder homeowners from staying proactive in their quest for black widow exclusion. If you worry that black widows are getting the upper hand in your home, it's time to call in the professionals at Bull's Eye Pest Control to get rid of spiders in your home.

Why Professional Pest Controls Is The Best Option

Let's face it; life gets busy, and homeowners don't always have the time to focus on preventing pest issues within their homes. At Bull's Eye Pest Control, we can take the burden of pest control off your shoulders. Established in 2002, our company is local and independent. We offer quick response times for your home pest control needs but rest assured, we never rush our services. Our thorough and highly educated service technicians always provide homeowners with professional pest control solutions. To get rid of spiders and restore your home to its pest-free condition, call Bull's Eye Pest Control today.

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