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What's The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Murrieta Yard?

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What's The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Murrieta Yard?

Murrieta, California is a city that mixes a sweet blend of old traditions and new experiences. Residents enjoy a downtown city center that invites people to shop in its quaint boutiques, experience its cultural offerings, and savor the delicious offerings of its restaurants. Patrons will be delighted by all the city's indoor and outdoor activities. One pest that can put a damper on outdoor activities is the dreaded mosquito. Without effective pest control in Murrieta, homeowners may find themselves locked indoors.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Mosquitoes are little insects with a big bite and live throughout the United States. While there are several different types of mosquitoes in Murrieta, they all have the same general characteristics. Mosquitoes measure anywhere from 1/8 to 3/8 inch long. They are skinny with six threadlike legs and a long mouthpart (proboscis). Their colorations are typically black or gray, and some have blue, green, or white marks on their bodies. Mosquitoes are tiny, and it is often difficult to see or feel them landing on your body; next thing you know, ouch! While most people have extensive experience with their itchy bites, many may not be aware of a mosquito's ability to spread numerous diseases that are considered dangerous.

How Dangerous Are Mosquito Bites?

Not every mosquito leaves you with a bite. Only the female mosquito bites because she needs the blood to reproduce; she typically searches for blood supplies every two days. When females draw blood, it often causes a mild allergic reaction that results in redness, swelling, and soreness. Because mosquitoes are considered vectors (an insect that transmits pathogens from one organism to another) for many diseases, they can be dangerous to people's health.

Some common diseases mosquitoes in America transmit include:

  • Eastern equine encephalitis
  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue fever

Other diseases outside the United States that mosquitoes are famous for transmitting are malaria, Zika virus, and yellow fever. If people in the United States contract these diseases, they generally become infected because of bites obtained while visiting a foreign country. Worldwide, mosquitoes are responsible for over one million deaths due to mosquito bites. While local infections may not result in death, people can still get very sick. When mosquitoes overwhelm your yard, it is essential to engage the services of Bull's Eye Pest Control.

How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Yard?

Mosquitoes in backyards can curtail fun, but property owners have some options to limit their activity. Property owners can reduce the mosquito population in their yards with simple fixes, allowing backyard activities to resume.

Five ways to prevent Murrieta mosquitoes from ruining backyard fun include:

  • Eliminate standing water in yards.
  • Make sure water features cycle continuously.
  • Ensure gutters are clean and free-flowing.
  • Eliminate debris in the yard that mosquitoes can use as water containers.
  • Trim hedges and keep the grass short.

Mosquitoes are tenacious when finding blood sources, and your prevention measures might not be enough to hold them back. Bull's Eye Pest Control can assist property owners in holding back mosquitoes in yards with our effective mosquito control services in Murrieta.

What's The Best Mosquito Control For My Yard?

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard is with help from Bull's Eye Pest Control. Our locally owned and operated company has protected yards in the Murrieta area since 2002. We offer monthly recurring services to stop mosquito populations from overtaking your yard and a one-time application for your special events. Our technicians have at their disposal a variety of treatments that will place an effective barrier between your yard and the mosquitoes who wish to make it their home. To effectively combat mosquito invasions, contact Bull's Eye Pest Control today to get started, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Murrieta.

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