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What To Do About Gophers And Ground Squirrels In Murrieta

gopher with head out of ground

What To Do About Gophers And Ground Squirrels In Murrieta

Gophers and ground squirrels are troublesome pests that enter yard areas and begin burrowing. They create property damage by forming underground tunnels. The creatures are often elusive and difficult to expel.

Are you seeking professional ground squirrel and gopher control in Murrieta? Property owners should consult with a local pest control company for assistance with these burrowing pests that invade yard areas. A Murrieta pest control professional receives training that involves effective gopher prevention and control methods. 

How To Identify Gophers And Ground Squirrels

Commonly referred to as "pocket gophers" because of the "pouch-like" pocket in their cheeks, gophers are burrowing rodents. These pests form tunnels using their strong front paws. In many cases, homeowners will not actually see a live gopher, as they spend most of their time underground.

Ground squirrels have brownish fur, and their bodies often reach lengths of nearly 20 inches, including their tails. Although they appear similar to tree squirrels, California ground squirrels form underground tunnels that are roughly four inches in diameter. In some instances, these tunnels will extend up to 30 feet.

The Problems Gophers And Ground Squirrels Can Cause

Gophers and ground squirrels often damage the lawns and gardens of local property owners. Ground squirrels often eat the seedlings of developing vegetables. Burrowing creatures often destroy the root systems of trees and shrubs. The damage can often make it dangerous for those walking across these areas by causing slip-and-fall incidents.

Ground squirrels often carry fleas that pose risks of bubonic plague. Gophers are associated with leptospirosis, hantavirus, and several other health concerns.

Useful Tips For Preventing Gophers And Ground Squirrels

What are some of the best preventative measures that are effective against gophers and ground squirrels? Many providers of gopher control services recommend the following:

  • Evidence suggests that scattering small pieces of soap throughout the yard will help repel these pests. 
  • Some plants that might deter burrowing creatures include basil, rosemary, and sage. 
  • Create a liquid mixture of hot sauce and water and spray the solution in the yard as a repellant.
  • Dogs are an effective deterrent that will keep these and other forms of troublesome wildlife away.

Homeowners in the Murrieta area often mistakenly try store-bought traps or home remedies for gopher control. Unfortunately, these efforts generally lead to mediocre results that create prolonged frustration. When it comes to expelling ground squirrels and gophers, professional providers of pest control solutions are the smart choice.

The Trick To Gopher And Ground Squirrel Control In Murrieta

Who provides ground squirrel and gopher control services in this region? With 20 years of residential and commercial pest control industry experience, Bull's Eye Pest Control is a leading provider of professional gopher control and ground squirrel control services. Part of our continued success is attributed to a commitment to delivering superior customer service that ensures positive outcomes.

We attract gophers using specialized bait or Gopher X pest control solutions. The Gopher X device is a safe and proven solution for pests, including gophers, ground squirrels, moles, prairie dogs, and similar types of burrowing creatures that plague homeowners in the Murrieta region.

As a comprehensive provider of home pest management solutions, our team also ousts cockroach infestations, performs mosquito abatement services, and uses baiting, trapping, and exclusionary measures for controlling rodents. We offer both one-time pest control services and ongoing property protection plans as well.

After receiving an inquiry, one of our qualified service technicians will visit the property and conduct a thorough assessment of the premises. Next, we will address your questions and explain the best available treatment options. Contact our office for further information.

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