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Everything Oceanside Residents Should Know About Argentine Ants

argentine ants on wood

Everything Oceanside Residents Should Know About Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are among the prevalent species of ants in the area. A common misconception is that professional pest control in Oceanside isn’t needed to manage ants. It’s more vital than people realize. These pests can repeatedly infest properties, as they’ll come through tiny openings. The average colony is great in number, and these ants will bite. Even without these factors, ants carry illness-causing germs. Since Argentine ants are pervasive, you have to focus on stopping them.

Property owners often assume that retail ant control solutions are effective. Not only do they tend to fall short, but they can also motivate certain species to spread out nests. It’s likely Argentine ants won’t be eradicated by store-bought goods. Learn more about these insects and how Bull's Eye Pest Control can assist you. We provide ant services near your home or business.

Argentine Ants Are Extremely Aggressive

Since ants are widespread, people underestimate how problematic they can be. One reason you should be wary of Argentine ants is that they are aggressive. They’re particularly hostile toward other ants, but should they be in a defensive state when you encounter them, they might bite you. You will experience moderate pain. 

Argentine ants have shiny brown or black skin. Their oval-shaped and segmented bodies range in size from 1/16 to ¼ of an inch long. They get around on six legs, and while most don’t have wings, some queens and males do. If you crush them, a musty smell will be emitted. You have an infestation on your property if you notice any expansive trails. Argentine ants frequently crawl up trees and dwellings. This species is known for its supercolonies, which can contain millions of members and populate whole streets. 

Argentine Ants Are Always Looking For Food & Shelter

Of course, Argentine ants cannot survive without water, food, and shelter. Outdoors, they will create nests in a damp spot that is close to their meal supply; for example, in a sidewalk crack near a garbage can or beneath a board where dead bugs are. They’ll also huddle under plants and rocks. Some of what ants consume are:

  • Animal carcasses
  • Insects
  • Honeydew
  • Seeds
  • Stalks
  • Plant fungi

A cold or dry climate or bad weather will lead Argentine ants indoors. They will use overhanging utility lines or tree branches to enter your property in droves, and they’ll settle around drains, sinks, pipes, potted plants, and similar to have a little moisture. Any human food will attract them. Considering how ideal our homes and businesses are for these bugs, regular ant control is pertinent. 

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Argentine Ants

Here are three key Argentine ant prevention tips:

  1. Take care of necessary repairs. Have leaks and other moisture problems rectified. Replace window screens and door sweeps that are ripped. Patch cracks around foundations.
  2. Thoroughly clean the kitchen on a routine basis. Wash dishes, wipe off counters, and sweep and mop the floors. Use airtight containers to store food and trash.
  3. Groom your yard. Get up organic debris, cut back tree branches, mow the lawn, and trim greenery. Push plants away from the property as well.

Fortunately, following these tips will help deter all kinds of ants. 

The Benefits Of A Year-Round Pest Control Plan  

With year-round servicing from Bull's Eye Pest Control, your home or business will have a continual defense against Argentine ants. It’s the best way to manage seasonal and frequent invaders. Our safe solutions include applications for the perimeter, foundation, passageways, landscaping, and more. Retail items aren’t fashioned for these pests and they may be dangerous if used incorrectly. Call us today to end an Argentine ant infestation on your property.

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