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The Struggle With Gopher Control In Oceanside

pocket gopher head sticking out of ground

The Struggle With Gopher Control In Oceanside

Got gophers? When you see these critters’ heads popping up in your yard like a real-life version of the classic game “Whac-A-Mole,” you know it’s time to get serious about calling in reinforcements in the form of professional gopher pest control. Although they may look cute to some people, these rodents can carry potentially dangerous diseases you and your family don’t want to catch.

What a relief that Bull’s Eye Pest Control offers the most reliable and high-quality pest control in Oceanside to quickly get rid of gophers on your property. Our experienced team of technicians never rushes a job. Our aim is to resolve your pest issue the first time around successfully. Continue reading to learn more about these creatures and why partnering with a professional service is the best option for effective gopher control.

What Are Gophers?

Also known as “pocket gophers” due to their furry cheek pouches, or pockets, to transport bits of food they gather, gophers are fossorial rodents that burrow underground. Adapted to create tunnels, they have clawed front paws, a tail, whiskers, and small ears and eyes. They can still use their teeth while their mouths are closed to avoid swallowing dirt. Call your local wildlife specialists for professional pocket gopher control if you’ve seen these animals on your property.

Is It Dangerous To Have Gophers In Your Yard?

Gophers can cause considerable damage to your lawn and garden by creating underground tunnel systems. They can also carry harmful diseases, such as rabies, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and tularemia, so you never want to go near them. Instead, contact Bull’s Eye Pest Control if you spot dirt mounds or tunnels in your yard.

Six Natural Ways To Deter Wildlife From Your Property

If you’re into handling problems around your house naturally, you’re in luck. You can take steps to ward off troublesome wildlife with homemade remedies. If you glance around your kitchen and peek inside your pantry, you most likely have all the ingredients necessary to whip up an effective gopher-repelling concoction. If not, a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up the following six items will do the trick to deter wildlife:

  1. Soap: use slivers of the most scented formula and scatter them around your yard.
  2. Plants: fill up your garden with aromatic herbs pests hate, like sage, basil, and rosemary. 
  3. Hot sauce: not just for wings, but this condiment makes a potent repellent when combined with water and sprayed around your property.
  4. Garlic: crush a few cloves and stuff in a cloth bag to hang in your yard. 
  5. Rotten eggs: wildlife hates the smell as much as you do, mainly because it mimics the odor of predator urine. 
  6. Dogs: your furry friend running freely in the yard is one of the most effective wildlife deterrents.

Even though organic gopher control methods can temporarily keep these critters at bay, your best shot at long-lasting relief from wildlife invasions is to get in touch with your local pest management company to schedule a removal service.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control

The most effective way to reduce gophers in your yard is by enlisting the professional wildlife control services. These specialists can survey your property and evaluate your specific situation to determine the best gopher control methods. Since these rodents can carry dangerous diseases, trying to eradicate them is never advised. Allow experienced wildlife service workers to remove them quickly and safely.

With 20 years in the pest management business, Bull’s Eye Pest Control has learned a thing or two about delivering exceptional wildlife pest control that our residents can rely on to keep their homes and businesses comfortable and safe. We offer the most effective gopher control in Oceanside to keep these critters away from your property. Our vast knowledge and use of the latest resources make us the number-one choice for our residents. Reach out to us today to request your courtesy inspection.

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